Jun 10, 2011

My body is not meant to be HIDDEN. Deal with it.

I’m your typical fiery Leo and as one I suppose a rant would be the ultimate motivator to drag me back to my blog. So bare with me on this rant.

Lucky Magazine big #fail this month. On page 44 the headline for “DEWDROP” also known as “most of us, women with curves” states: ” Your curvy butt and thighs can make skinny jeans a drag. Instead, choose hip-skimming dresses and flashy necklaces that draw the eyes up”.

Now, I personally have an issue with this whole  “slimming” claims, primarily because I find it offensively FALSE, insulting to my intelligence and also… well, lets get to the rest of the whys:

1– I’m a BIG chick, with big curves and that’s that. If you intend to feature a fashion story to curvy plus size women do it right, understand the target you’re aiming to, don’t just slap some half assed quality story for the sake of just doing it. We’re no longer willing or wanting to wear baggy clothes (no, really!), which means we don’t have issues with been FAT like past generations did (you do know that plus size consumers are fat right? No, you’re not selling to sizes 8, 10, sorry to burst your bubble…). Curvy plus sized women today KNOW that they can look elegant, cute or sexy, we have finally learned to be happy with ourselves, for real! We actually like flaunting our curves, this hiding business is OLD, boring and annoying.

 2–Clothes won’t magically make me look as if I’m 4 sizes smaller, that’s just a fact. I don’t know how many times I have said that out loud. In front of cameras. To designers. At events. At photo shoots. Yes, I won’t shut up about it, get it together people, seriously!! Sadly I see that some still perceive women to be 1– too dumb to buy these tag lines or 2– so blindly obsessed with looking thin that any of those key words will make them run to the shop and buy those clothes? Hmm, yeah, might be the combo of both… not me though, thanks.

3–Skinny jeans are not a “drag” to any size as long as they FIT right. In fact if you ask me I find that my big ol’ size 18 butt looks just fine on any pair of the denim you may find in my closet and the word DRAG isn’t really one I would use it to describe it,  if you’re ought to know dear Lucky-stylists-whoever-you-are.

Lastly and most importantly I don’t WANT clothes that promise to ”slim” me, I’m very happy with my PLUS SIZED BODY. I find that tag line offensive…yes, I have said that already…maybe if I repeat enough times people will get it, because I know I’m not alone on this one!

What I really want and enjoy is shopping for clothes that look good on the body I have. Although it might sound astonishing for some, looking GOOD doesn’t necessarily equate to looking THIN/SMALLER to a lot of us plus sized women. Curves aren’t an embarrassment that we need to wear pieces to diguise’em or use accessories to divert peoples attention from noticing my wide hips. They are there and I find no reason to disguise them (I probably wouldn’t be able to even if I tried, LOL).

Ironically enough Lucky Magazine featured on page 40 plus size shops/brands in this very same issue. Perhaps they would have benefited on having a real plus size stylist on board, one that reflects the pride and joy most plus sized women feel TODAY about their looks and not one that puts looks together and tags it with such a negative tone to it. Perhaps they would then know that the women who buy clothes at those brands and shops actually enjoy the way they look.

And if I sound sensitive about the subject it’s because I probably am. You only know the real deal of taking things like this offensive when you have lived under the skin of been a fat girl your whole life. When you grow up hearing everyone around you constantly telling you that “you would look so pretty if you lost weight” or “you should do a diet” or ” don’t wear this, it makes you look fatter”, bla, bla, bla,  then you kinda get tired of stuff like this. My body is not meant to be hidden and I just refuse to do it, so deal with it.

Oh yeah, thanks for popping over, I’m glad to be writing again!



No drag in this size 18 skinny jeans, if you ask me.

No drag in this size 18 skinny jeans, if you ask me.

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  • This post could have been written by me!
    You sing it sister! Life — and summer — is too short to spend it worrying about what someone else is going to think of you in your swimsuit. I am all about letting it all hangout and topping it off with a smile and a strut ;)



  • THIS.
    Agreed 100%. It took me such a long time to get over the idea that dressing “well” didn’t necessarily mean dressing “thin.” I’m a size 16 and I wear skinny jeans and pencil skirts and wiggle dresses ALL the time, and I look damn hot in them haha! Confidence is so much sexier than camouflage.

  • estoy totalmente de aucerdo contigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he escrito varios artículos en mi blog a cerca de este tema… en fin… de momento solo nos queda reivindicarnos y seguir “haciendo bandera de ello”. te agradecería que más adelante pudierais poner el blog en español tambien!!!!

    Te invito a conocer mi blog, por si te interesa: http://vistetequevienencurvas.blogspot.com/

    No soy modelo, ni tan proporcionada como tu, ni tan guapa, pero me gusta el mundo de la moda y me siento muy a gusto conmigo mismo, es a caso eso un pecado???



  • You look AWESOME! Love your blog! :)

  • Sem sombra de dúvidas, você é um ícone, um exemplo de mulher verdadeiramente LINDA!!!

  • All of us on this earth are not the same Like actress Eartha Kitt Catwoman of Batman in the 1960s Said on tv sexyness respects no one all of us can be sexy it how we beleive in our minds wear the clothes and walk and shake it to the world. To me I love a plus size woman
    in mini skirt and skinny pants this websuite has them. Its our minds that create the sexyness.Not age size lBut who we are I hope you all out there agree.

  • OI fluvia eu adoro o seu trabalho te acho linda de morrer e muito fotogênica, estou participando do concurso miss plus size rio e gostaria muito de virar uma modelo também, parábens continue lutando pelo que você acredita e apoiando todas nós GG, gsotosas ao quadrado. bjs

  • oi fluvia , sou brasileira assim como vc , me chamo indianara tenho 26 anos , 1 metro e 57 de altura e peso 74 kg , sou uma gordinha feliz , e tenho me espelhado muito em vc , li uma de suas materias no site dizendo que o fato de vc ser modelo pra tamanhos especiais , faz vc se sentir bem porque inspira milhares de mulheres no mundo a ter auto estima , bem é isso mesmo continue com seu trabalho vc é lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sucesso Indianara dayse quintino martins – cidade Itajai – Estado santa catarina – brasil

  • Thank you! I just found your blog and will be reading it from now on. You’re GORGEOUS! Greetings from Finland. :-)

  • Your confidence is very sexy. You look flawless in skinny jeans.


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